British Imperial Military Band

Available for private, public and corporate events.

One of the few remaining british military bands in the uk today, the british imperial military band play a wide range of music for any event in the traditional british military band style.

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This band is primarily a concert and marching band made up of ex-military Musicians from all three of Britains armed forces.

The band has a unique blend of experience, versatility, talent and traditions, and was formed to serve a vital role in providing a top quality professional band for engagements across the country.

The band is not only limited to concert and marching band events, but brass and wind ensemble, fanfare and cabaret band formations can be provided.

The sound of a British military marching band is one of the greatest unique sounds produced.Incorporate that with precision drill and eye catching uniforms and this offers a spectacular combination for any event.

Dazzling, colourful and spectacular.

Making military music and tradition available.

Versatile, Traditional, Professional

Marching Military Band - British Imperial Military Band
British Imperial Military Band Marching